International Education Week Keynote, University at Buffalo,The Media Revolution: What It Means to You

November 2015

“Our society pays for it when we consume junk,” Overholser said. “Remember that as your own curator, you will be as healthy as the news you choose.” The Spectrum, University at Buffalo.

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FIU Hearst Distinguished Lecture: Leading from the Outside: Rethinking Journalism Leadership When Change is the New Normal

October 2015

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New York Press Association Spring Convention, Saratoga Springs

March 2015

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St. Andrews University Commencement Speech

May 2014

At St. Andrews

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Norm Brewer First Amendment Lecture: University of Memphis

March 2014

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USC Annenberg Commencement 2013


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Knight lecture at Stanford 1992

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Partial list of named lectures

2015               “Leading from the Outside,” Hearst Distinguished Lecturer, Florida International University

2014               “Objectivity and the News,” Norm Brewer First Amendment Lecture: March 4, 2014, University of Memphis

2013                “Responsible Public, Responsible Journalism,” Civitas Iverson Lecture, Augustana College

2012                “Better Days to Come: Seeing the Promise in Journalism’s Upheaval,”  Riverside Press Enterprise lecture series

“Better Days to Come: Seeing the promise in journalism’s upheaval.” (Read Overholser’s prepared remarks here.) – See more at: http://blog.uscannenberg.org/?p=2833#sthash.5fAch2wC.dpuf

2004               “Toward a New Media Ethic for a New Media Environment,” Center for Religion, the Professions and the Public Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Missouri

2004                “High Hopes and Dire Warnings,” Silha Lecture, University of Minnesota

2003                “Ethics in Journalism,” Neil Shine Lecture, Michigan State University

2003                “Journalism Under Challenge,” Marquis Lecture, Coe College, Iowa

2002                “What Good is Journalism?” Ralph McGill Lecture, Grady College, University of Georgia

2002              “Journalism in Peril: How America”s Profit-Pressured Media Are Failing Our Democracy,” Commonwealth College Distinguished Visitor Lecture, University of Massachusetts Amherst

2001               Estlow lecture, Denver University

1999                Knight Lecturer, University of Notre Dame (1999 Journalist in Residence)

1998                Town Hall Lecture series, Fresno, CA

1996                Joe Creason Lecture, University of Kentucky

1996                Reed Sarratt Lecture, University of North Carolina

1996                William R. Mathews Lecture on Ethics in Journalism, University of Arizona

1995                Leah Kaplan Lecture, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford

1992                “What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You: The Press and Public’s Know-Nothing Pact,” John S. Knight Distinguished Lecturer, Stanford University

1992               National Events Series, Iowa State University

1992                Riverside Press-Enterprise Lecture Series

1991                Ruhl Lecture, University of Oregon School of Journalism


Commencement speeches: St. Andrews University, USC Annenberg School of Journalism, Medill School at Northwestern, Iowa State University, University of Iowa College of Law, Grinnell College

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